Walking on Water

Stand-up paddleboarding for beginners.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a new fad perfect for a day out on the lake in Minnesota. Three Rivers Parks District hosts a lesson for those hoping to try the activity out at Fish Lake Regional Park.

Originating in Africa where warriors were able to pull off stealth attacks standing on their canoes, the sport has grown into a world-wide way for people of all abilities to glide on the water.

Participants in this class learn paddling strokes to turn the desired direction, simple balance techniques and how to get back up on the board after falling off.

According to recreation program specialist and paddleboard instructor Heather Gordon, “It’s pretty inevitable that you’ll fall off your board at some point.”

Paddleboarding is often a new experience for many who are not doing exercises in their normal day-to-day routine that require as much balance as standing on a board in the middle of the water.

“I tell them, ‘Don’t get discouraged. You are using muscles you have never used before,’” Gordon says.

People hoping to try stand-up paddleboarding for the first time, as well as those looking for tips on techniques, are welcome to join the class. Stand-up paddleboards are also available for rental.

September 10, check website for times, ages 8+. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. $10 per half hour. Rental includes paddle and life jacket.