Waxing the City Offers Unique Services for Men

The thought of waxing can be scary, especially for men, but Waxing the City makes the process painless.
Writer Eric Johnson had his brows shaped by Vera Jones at Waxing the City.

For many folks, the prospect of hair removal can be a little intimidating. And even though more men are venturing into salons these days (traditionally thought of as ladies-only spaces), taking the plunge is scary and often a little painful.

Waxing the City, a Maple Grove salon devoted to hair removal via waxing, aims to put all customers, especially men, at ease. Vera Jones, Waxing the City’s owner, is well aware of the initial anxiety that waxing triggers in her clients. And as the only salon in Maple Grove that offers a male Brazilian (arguably the most, ahem, daring wax) they are uniquely poised to offer reassurance.

“For the client it’s initially awkward, especially if they haven’t done it before, but my goal is to make it as comfortable as possible,” Jones says. “After the first…experience of wax on the skin, they think, ‘Oh, yeah, I can do this.’”

I stopped by Waxing the City to have my eyebrows, nose and ears waxed while Jones and I chatted, and I found it surprisingly pleasant. It’s a good first step for any fella looking to ease his way into the waxing world.

Of course, Waxing the City is unique because it focuses only on waxing. Many salons offer waxing in addition to hairstyles, facials and other treatments. “There is definitely an art to waxing,” Jones says. “When you are specializing in one department, you are going to be pretty great at it.”

Waxing the City offers a variety of options for men, including the aforementioned eyebrows, nose and ears, plus abdomen, arms, back, chest, legs and just about every other body part you can imagine.

During the service itself, music plays in the background while Jones talks you through the process. She does a great job of putting you at ease, to the point that the whole thing begins to feel therapeutic.

Some clients enjoy chatting with Jones during the service, while others prefer to just sit back and relax, and Jones is happy to oblige. Either way, she says, they leave with a newfound appreciation for the art of the wax. //


Waxing the City
7895 Main St.