Sara Swan

While Sara Swan has over two decades of experience in special education, she initially didn’t have plans to turn a one-off mentorship into a full-fledged organization.

Students in the Maple Grove CorePower Yoga classroom sit facing a wall of mirrors. Instructor Kate Lunski tells them to turn around. Student Angie Ryden rises from her mat and repositions herself facing the back wall: no mirrors. She can’t check her posture, or others’ postures.

Hong Kim’s story is a common one. He grew up in South Korea, did well academically, played sports, became an electronics engineer, got married, had children and was happy. Well, that’s the story anyway.

After 20 years in advertising and content marketing, Amy Adams was looking to get into a business she believed in and could regain balance in her life.

You might have noticed something different about the 35W and Lowry Avenue bridges in Minneapolis this month. They are alight in teal, which is the official color for ovarian cancer.

A healthy well-groomed dog is a happy dog.

Eighteen years ago, Snickers chose the Paul family before they could pick him, when he waddled over to them out of a litter of Lhasa-Apso, Bichon Frise mix puppies. “Immediately, I knew he was the one for our family,” says Chris Paul.

The Facebook entry begins with a meme that is both humorous and candid, much like Lexi Willey herself, the 17-year-old Maple Grove Senior High School student who posted it. “Keep Calm: It’s Only Cerebral Palsy” is the opening to a few things she’s had on her mind for, well, the past 17 years.

A new yoga studio opened up late last year in Maple Grove. Before you say, “ho-hum,” listen up: This is Healthwise Studio, a yoga psychology studio.

“Say cheese!” There seems to be an overwhelming opportunity to show your pearly whites more now than ever. Everyone wants to capture that perfect moment and post it on Facebook, Instagram or other popular social media sites.

When Piperi Lisle first friended fitness instructor Brooke Van Asch on Facebook in July, at the behest of her good friend who was receiving nutrition instruction from Van Asch, she couldn’t know that the online relationship would lead to a 15- lb.