Workouts in the Northwest Suburbs You May Have Overlooked

Local workout places offer fun and exciting new ways to get fit.

Are the same old workouts pulling you down? Are you in rut and need a change? There are some fantastic opportunities to get your sweat on right here in the northwest metro. They offer a unique and different perspective to getting physically fit. For what they offer, these small, local places pack a big punch.


Jazzercise: Located in a strip mall off the beaten path near the corner of Champlin, Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove, Jazzercise offers a unique spin to a workout by offering dance fitness. While jazzercise may bring back memories of the ‘80s and Flashdance, its new motto is that they are “too hot for leg warmers.” They offer easy-to-follow strength training classes and cardio workouts that incorporate dance, all to the beat of trendy, spirited music. They’re open seven days a week and offer childcare most weekdays. Their clientele range in age from 16 to 70; try a class for $15 or pay a monthly membership ($40–$50) and attend as many classes as you wish. The classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels and make everyone comfortable. 10192 Lancaster Lane N.



Farrell’s: Tucked in a strip mall between the Maple Grove Hospital and Target, this fitness facility focuses on total body transformation. The result of a 10-week commitment can be staggering, from a decrease in body fat to an increase in lean muscle mass. In order to achieve these results, a client works out for 45 minutes, 6 days per week. There is a cardio component, with a taekwondo base, done 3 days per week and a strength-training program, also done 3 days per week. At the end of the 10-week challenge, a party is held for those participating in the program. The individuals who have the most dramatic improvements are awarded $1,000. Farrell’s helps everyone from marathon runners to those who haven’t been off the couch in 15 years. The 10-week program costs $499. It’s also an option to do a free trial class during enrollment periods, which are offered four times per year. Offering this challenge in a group setting, with its supporting and encouraging environment, is a big key to Farrell’s success. 9893 Maple Grove Parkway.


9Round: 9Round can be found across from North Hennepin Community College. They are new to the area, and offer a fairly new workout concept. They boast a 30-minute kickbox fitness circuit approach that provides a combination of cardio and strength training. There are nine stations, or rounds, that a person rotates through. Spending time at each station for a mere three minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but the intensity makes up for the time. A personal trainer is there during each session to provide guidance and motivation. An appointment isn’t necessary, so you can drop in whenever it works for you. Upon entering the gym, a new workout is waiting each time. Their typical clientele are young professionals and parents, although participants range in age from 8 to 71 years old. They offer a complimentary class to try their facility and the membership cost ranges from $49 to $69 per month. Those under a time crunch, and who crave an intense workout, will enjoy what 9Round has to offer. 8409 West Broadway, Brooklyn Park.


Heat Yoga: Heat Yoga is conveniently located south of Hwy. 694 on Hemlock Lane, behind Erik’s Bike Shop. Yoga is known to increase flexibility, strength and posture. By adding 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 percent humidity to the class environment, heat yoga takes the benefits a few steps further. The added temp detoxifies the body, purifies the mind, reduces stress and assists with weight loss. With 14 different classes scheduled at 50 different times throughout each week, you are sure to find a convenient moment to take advantage of some wonderful benefits. While their clientele is approximately 75 percent women, an increasing number of men are becoming interested in yoga. They offer a special class targeted for men and athletes called Broga, which combines yoga with functional fitness exercises. Twenty dollars allows a person to try an unlimited number of yoga classes for two weeks. After the two-week trial, there are a number of options for purchase from 10 and 20 visit packs to one month to one year unlimited access to classes. The prices vary from $8.97 per class to $13.50 per class depending on the option chosen. According to co-owner Sam Lickteig, those who enter into the yoga world notice a decrease in back and hip pain, sleep better and notice positive changes in their skin. 6818 Hemlock Lane N.

A new fitness concept has been introduced to the Twin Cities.  For $79 a month, have unlimited access to participating fitness clubs throughout the Twin Cities via Class Pass.  Vary the workout from yoga (Heat Yoga is one of the participants) to cross training to spinning.  Try a variety of places to prevent boredom and tap into the convenience of squeezing in a workout wherever you may be.

Michelle Schmidt, owner
10192 Lancaster Lane N.
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Tim Sanken, principal/owner
9893 Maple Grove Pkwy
Maple Grove, MN 55369


Irie Collins, General Manager
8409 West Broadway
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Heat Yoga:
Monica Nepote, co-owner
Sam Lickteig, co-owner
6818 Hemlock Lane N.
Maple Grove, MN 55369