Fashion at Its Finest

Online boutique shopping has become the new craze.

Maple Grove resident Brandi Sweeny was inspired by a book to begin selling upscale vintage items on eBay and Poshmark.

“The book Girlboss is what got me in the business. Being that I’ve always been a fashion lover, I knew I needed to pick up that book. I was so inspired by Sophia (the girlboss) and what she did. What interested me most was how she made money off of thrifty items,” Sweeny says.

Sweeny’s inspiration was timely, as her online business has taken off. “This past April I launched my brand-new website called ‘Sealed with a B,’” Sweeny explains. “Online, you will find brand new clothing items. I wanted to buy and sell clothing from wholesale companies, so last fall I purchased a tax ID number in order for me to do so.”

She started buying and selling online in the summer of 2015 and made money right away. She recommends other fashion lovers start their own online store. Sweeny also has a fashion/lifestyle blog on her website where you can find gently used items for purchase.

Wear It Well
Sweeny’s advice for the coming season:

  1. Try your best to incorporate a pop of color to any dark shade, such as soft pastel colors, along with a few floral prints here and there.
  2. Watch for ruffled bell sleeves.
  3. Rumor has it that the ’80s will be calling again. Jean jackets, glitter and other shiny items will make a comeback.