Fathers and Daughters Create Tradition at a Formal Dance where Every Girl Is a Princess

Many a father and daughter in and around Maple Grove and Osseo have carved out a tradition of attending the annual Once Upon a Time Dance. Heading into its 11th year, the event has seen exponential growth. A formal dance that began with 175 attendees now draws 885 fathers and daughters and more than 80 community volunteers.

During the night, the special couples enjoy cupcakes and juice, face painting, craft stations, “crown” bingo, a DJ with a special lightshow, a photo booth, coloring stations, karaoke and a magician. Princesses crowned at the high schools and Maple Grove Ambassador royalty also have their pictures taken with the young princesses in attendance that night.

If princesses just can’t get enough special attention they can visit the “bling shoppe” to buy trinkets like lip gloss, coin purses, jewelry or they can adopt a teddy bear—adoption certificate and all.

“All of the money we raise from the dance supports the hundreds of scholarships we offer families who wish for their children to participate in youth classes, programs and events throughout the year,” says Melissa Henderson, marketing and enrichment coordinator at Osseo Community Education. “Both of my girls were attendees at the dance when they were in K-sixth grade. They always had a great time!”

Henderson says every year has gone off without a hitch, give or take a few girls who loved being stars during karaoke so much they didn’t want the night to end. Fathers, prepare your suits and ties, dancing shoes and singing voice.

WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2018, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
WHO: K-sixth grade girls + adult
WHERE: Maple Grove Middle School, 7000 Hemlock Lane
COST: $35/couple