Focus on Maple Grove: Partners in Crime

First place winner shares the story behind powerful photo.
First Place Events by Tracy Walsh

Living in Maple Grove since 2008, Tracy Walsh captured this photograph when her husband, Ryan, and their son, Evan, were splashing water at each other on a hot summer day. What added to the preciousness of the photo is that Tracy and her camera had captured a similar moment between the duo when Evan was just a baby.

Photography is close to Tracy’s heart, and she found the artistic inspiration to take this photograph thanks to the light behind Ryan and Evan; almost making their faces glow. It was a moment Tracy didn’t want to pass by—as it beaautifully captured a loving moment shared by the two people who mean the world to her.

Ryan and Evan have a special relationship, becoming best buddies was inevitable from the moment Evan was born. During their free time, father and son enjoy attending sporting events, wrestling and reading. When asked what they like most about the other, Ryan points to Evan’s smile and laugh, and Evan loves when his dad acts goofy.

From a young age, many of us are taught that family is important. The relationships introduced, developed and built are ones kept close to the heart that will be cherished forever through moments in time. Photographs capturing these memorable moments speak for themselves.