Mums the Word

October isn’t too late for flowers.

Even if the first things that comes to mind are pumpkins, don’t forget flowers. What pairs well with pumpkins? Garden mums.

Garden mums are a smart addition to any fall decoration. Due to their tight flowers and mounding nature, mums are a great way to add a bulk of color in one area. Whether in a ground bed or container garden, garden mums thrive with a mixture of other plants to create a beautiful combination container.

Most garden centers carry a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Half bushel mums are a great standalone feature, with a ready-to-go decorative container. Pair a 4- or 6-inch mum with an ornamental grass, Rudbeckias or zinnias to create the perfect fall combination to go alongside your carved pumpkins.

Whatever fall color speaks to you, there’s no way to go wrong with gold, bronze or burgundy mums. —Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery