New Ventures: Triple Crown Puts a Lid on It

Desmond Stubblefield recently put his hand to a new company.

Influenced by contemporary fashion and Midwestern culture, headwear designer and Maple Grove resident Desmond Stubblefield created Triple Crown in May of 2017.

“Headwear enthusiasts possess a relationship with hats that goes beyond fashion,” he says. “For most, hats are an extension of their personality and style.” The term “triple crown” has a strong association with sports, but the name was chosen for vastly different reasons. “Crown” is indicative of the fact it is a hat company. “Triple” is representative of the customers that the company serves, who tend to fall into one of three categories:

1) Headwear enthusiast – likes all types of headwear. Appreciates variety in style and design. Hats are an extension of their personality  
2) Loyalist – wears hats to represent or show loyalty to a brand, school, city, etc.
3) Fashionista – wears hats to accent their outfit or look.

The brand includes a broad range of hat styles for both men and women from the casual look of beanies and baseball caps to the more formal look of fedoras and brims, as well as branded sweatshirts and T-shirts.
Triple Crown recently piloted a sports cap program, partnering with the basketball program at Minneapolis North High School. The company and coaching staff designed a custom cap for the team and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the basketball program. Learn more at