The owner of Forever Favorit Bath and Body Products Shares Her Journey

Before purchasing, Holly Bruun says to read product labels.

At some point in life, most people arrive at a time when they realize they need to make a change. Holly Bruun, owner of Forever Favorit, arrived at that point after learning she was allergic to products she used on a daily basis. No longer able to take over-the-counter headache or pain medication, she was inspired to seek other options.

Bruun has been creating her own products for almost four years and began selling the products in 2016 after encouragement from others with similar needs. Built mainly by word-of-mouth, Forever Favorit has found an important niche. It provides natural, homemade healing products that strive to allow everyone, no matter their personal challenges, to feel wonderful.

“Our primary focus is to provide products that do not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives that can, and often do, lead to illness,” Bruun says. “What inspires me is my customers and how they feel using our products each and every day.”

Bruun is currently in the process of planning a brick-and-mortar location in Anoka which she hopes to complete by the end of 2018 in collaboration with Workout Bandits, a vendor that carries her products. The location is meant to be a wellness center to serve both the fitness and health needs of clients.

Bruun’s quick tip to help move toward a better lifestyle: It’s important to take that few extra minutes to read product labels before purchase.