Prost! School Yourself on Local Brews

What do people in MN highly enjoy in September? Fall weather? Sure. Kids back at school? Absolutely! My birthday? Obviously. Most of all, people go bonkers for “Oktoberfest” beers. Why the quotation marks? Well, many breweries are doing different styles around the time of Oktoberfest. Let’s talk about three of the local breweries doing them.

Schell’s Oktoberfest: It is Schell’s; do you think they would mess around with a German style beer? A Märzen that is true to German tradition, it is only brewed once a year to celebrate the fall harvest. The perfect balance of Pale, Munich and Vienna malts create its toasty backbone.

Modist German Fat Camp: Here’s a crispy, malty festbier brewed with a German water profile, German malts, hops and yeast and aggressively hopped like an American IPA. Its bold hop character balances the rich malt backbone to create a thick fat cap of aromatic foam.

Omni Brewing: This dark copper, traditional Marzen Oktoberfest lager comes out each fall. Omni  added biscuit malt to enhance the pleasant breadiness and fermented it with their favorite bock yeast to bring out
all the wonderful German malts in this brew. —Contributed by Bill Princeton, Princeton Liquors