Swimmer Safety

Local lifeguard provides insight on his career.

In the summer months, there is a broad assortment of activities for everyone to enjoy, and going to a lake or beach is surely one of them. Working at Weaver Lake Beach since 2011, lifeguard Matthew Kampa finds his job something he looks forward to year after year. Kampa works with many of his friends and sincerely enjoys being an individual who strives to make others feel safe, and they all understand that a lake has different dangers, rules and expectations than your regular pool facility.
Throughout his time as a lifeguard, Kampa has developed his own philosophy when approaching his work. “Being a preventative lifeguard is better than having to be a practical lifeguard,” Kampa says. “We train and prepare in case we have to [save someone], but we’d prefer not [have that scenario take place].” Lifeguards at Weaver Lake Beach achieve this by practicing, as well as providing effective zone coverage and scanning. Beachgoers are also given practical advice, including being encouraged to drink plenty of water and find shade throughout their stay.

In preparation for a day at Weaver Lake Beach, Kampa suggests beachgoers “read the rules on the Maple Grove website before heading over, bring sunscreen, a water bottle, a towel and a good book.”

Did you know? Along with providing a perfect spot for swimmers, Weaver Lake Beach hosts baptisms throughout the summer, the Maple Grove Triathlon and events for Maple Grove Days.