2020 Focus on Maple Grove Photo Contest Winners

A street light illuminates the trees in Maple Grove
Meet the winners of the 2020 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest!

Activities & Events

First Place
Arbor Lakes Christmas by Rod Smoliak

Christmas at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

Second Place
Beauty Behind Beauty by Caden Boettcher

The silhouette of a boy playing football.

Third Place
Kayaking on Fish Lake by Sarah Cupryna

A person kayaking on Fish Lake.

City Landmarks

First Place
Maple Grove Sun Light by Rod Smoliak

A streetlight illuminates the trees in Maple Grove

Second Place
Bird House by Alyse Cupryna

Stormy skies behind a bird house.

Third Place
Sight & Significance by Andrew Gobran

A building in Maple Grove reflected in the water.

People & Families

First Place
Sunset Fisherman by Kristen Schroeder

A fisherman on the lake at sunset.

Second Place
More Than Friends by Caden Boettcher

Three teenage boys pose with footballs.


First Place
Deep Thinking by Sarah Cupryna

A shaggy dog deep in thought.

Second Place
I’m Cute, Now Give Me the Treat by Caden Boettcher

A shepherd puppy performs a trick.

Wildlife & Nature

First Place
On The Fence by Rod Smoliak

A yellow bird perched on a fence.

Second Place
Eagle Lake Great Horned Owl by Rod Smoliak

A Great Horned Owl in a tree over Eagle Lake.

Third Place
An Osprey Keeping an Extra Eye on Things by Rod Smoliak

An osprey perched on a street light.

Readers’ Choice Winner

Hitching a Ride by Rita Mickle

A frog sits on a bronze bird on a birdfeeder.