3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Holiday Decorations

by | Nov 2019

A pile of pumpkins sits on a front step.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Here are a few ways to keep decorating simple this holiday season.

Decorating, though it takes extra time, makes Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays even more special. Here are a few ways to keep decorating simple this holiday season.

  • Using one material in a mass quantity can create a festive, yet cohesive design. Use a glass vase to show off acorns, pinecones or even candy corn. Choose different types of vases to play with the height and the shape of the design. Top off with large flowers, like garden mums, sunflowers or hydrangeas.
  • For something different, try a pumpkin vase. Choose from a pie pumpkin variety or any small to medium pumpkin. Cut the top open, and scoop out the inside, just like any other pumpkin carving. Inside the hollowed out pumpkin, place a small vase or container to hold water. Add fresh cut (or dried) flowers.
  • For something more interactive, find a large white pumpkin and a few permanent markers. As your guests arrive, have them use a marker to inscribe on the pumpkin what they are thankful for this year. This will make a great dinner table conversation piece.

Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery


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