4 Shows to Binge During Quarantine

by | Sep 2020

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These streamable shows make for perfect background noise while working from home.

The stay-at-home order brought a swift end to my commute, and my listening habits temporarily veered off from podcasts to television. Podcasts are a great way to receive information about world events, but I was seeking something more comforting. My favorite TV shows are a balm of familiar voices and storylines. Here’s some uplifting TV you can stream yourself.

Show: Parks and Recreation
Length: Seven seasons
Streaming: Netflix

With endearing characters, the show has great themes of hard work, community, friendship and accountability. The show is hilarious and has great development.

Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Length: Three seasons
Streaming: Netflix

Though originally aired for kids, even parents should find something to enjoy in this world where some people are able to control elements. It deals with heavy topics in an approachable way, has lovable lead and side characters, and neatly wraps up a full story in three seasons. Not to mention, the lead is a young monk devoted to nonviolence and understanding—a great role model for young kids.

Show: The Great British Baking Show
Length: Seven seasons
Streaming: Netflix

It’s a show about baked goods—what’s not to love? This was the show that changed how people feel about cooking competition shows. The hosts are constructive, and the competitors are all supportive and lift each other up. And in the end, everyone gets sugar.

Show: Psych
Length: Eight seasons
Streaming: Amazon Prime

For a show primarily about crime solving and friendship, the two leads have more chemistry than most romantic epics. It’s fun, funny and occasionally heartfelt with a good dose of mystery and adventure. Plus, it boasts some of the best guest star appearances in sitcom history.


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