6 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

by | Jan 2020

A clean kitchen with clutter-free countertops.


Follow these steps to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

Kitchen countertops are a magnet for clutter—a dumping zone for the entire family. Clear the clutter by removing everything and give the countertops a detailed wipe down. Next: Follow these steps to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

Make a Paper Plan: Drop junk mail in the recycling bin before entering the house. Clip and put away coupons the day they arrive in your mailbox. Handle school papers immediately—display, file or sign and return them to kids’ backpacks. Place bills and other action items in a designated spot (away from the kitchen).

Clear the Fridge: A fridge covered in photos, magnets, coupons, calendars and papers can make your kitchen feel chaotic. Keep only essential items on display, and move them to the side of the refrigerator for a streamlined look.

Reconsider Decorative Items: A plant on the windowsill can be a lovely touch, but large decor items break up the clear sightline and make cleaning more time consuming. A simple bowl of fresh fruit makes a beautiful and functional display.

Create a Drop Zone: A charging station outside of the kitchen eliminates a tangled mess of cords. Hooks in the entryway or mudroom are a perfect place to store backpacks. Establish a spot where family members can store keys and purses/wallets.

Regulate Space: Decide what deserves precious real estate on the countertops. Think about what you use daily. A coffee maker or toaster may make sense to stay out, while the panini maker can be stored. Keep regularly used appliances, such as a small blender or slow cooker, accessible but off of the countertops. Rarely used appliances can be stored in less accessible cabinets, such as above the refrigerator.

Store the Suds: Hand soap near the sink makes sense, but dish and dishwasher soaps can be kept under the sink. Use a suction sponge holder to keep sponges on the inside of the sink, out of sight and dry.

Give it a try. It’ll likely take less time than you think to make a big impact.


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