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by | May 2024

Dog Portrait by Suzann Beck

Artist: Suzann Beck

Pets have been a popular subject in art for centuries, celebrated for their loyalty, companionship and often endearing qualities. Artists in ancient times frequently included pets in paintings and sculptures to symbolize status or companionship. For example, ancient Egyptian art frequently depicted cats, which were revered for their grace and hunting abilities. During the Renaissance, pets became more prominent in art, particularly in portraits of nobility and their families. Dogs were a common choice, symbolizing loyalty and fidelity. During the 19th and 20th centuries, pets became more integrated into everyday life, and their portrayal in art reflected this shift. Artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Henriette Ronner-Knip painted scenes of domestic life that often included pets, capturing the intimate bond between humans and animals.

Today, pets continue to inspire artists in various ways. Paintings, sculptures, photography and other forms of art celebrate them, reflecting the enduring appeal and importance of animals in our lives.

Local artist Suzann Beck (suzannbeck.com) enjoys artistically capturing pets and runs classes doing exactly that at the Maple Grove Arts Center.

Title: Dexter
Artist: Suzann Beck
Medium: 24×30 Oil on Belgian Linen, Private Commission
Awards: Finalist, 2021 Portrait Society of America’s Member Competition; Fourth Place Winner, Artists Magazine 2022 First-ever Cover Competition

Lise Spence-Parsons, a local artist and author, is the president and treasurer of Maple Grove Arts Center. Find more at maplegroveartscenter.org.


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