Add Some Spring Color to Your Home

A houseplant from Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery
Wash away the winter blues with pops of green.

It’s about that time of the year when we start to think green again. There are ways to add a little spring color to the inside of your home. Things to consider:

Texture is a fun element to play with but knowing how to reach a balance between container and plant can be a challenge. Instead of pulling from the color of the flower, try pulling from the color of the plants’ foliage to pair up with a textured container.

Going vertical might be your answer if space is limited. A taller plant like the calla lily can add beautiful color and striking foliage to an indoor area with limited space.

Want to add more color to a green plant? A bold-colored container is something to consider. It doesn’t hurt to let the container do the showing and the plant do the growing. Pair a bright green plant with any container with a pop of color.