Back to School Books for Parents

by | Aug 2019

A woman reads a parenting book about school.


Head into the school year with two great reads.

It’s back to school this month for thousands of Maple Grove children and teenagers. Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki and Countdown to College by Monique Rinere are two recently published books that help parents and caregivers navigate the school process–and life.

Kawasaki, who worked twice for Steve Jobs and turned down a third job with Apple, offers wisdom and anecdotes that resonate because of their simplicity and practicality. The author of 15 books, he’s funny, down to earth and widely respected in the tech world. Bottom line: he’s someone worth reading.

Rinere’s book is packed full of great insights. The author was a dean at three Ivy League schools, having a front row seat to the struggles of students and their parents.

As someone who has a daughter in college and put two others through college, I was especially impressed with her tips and the recognition that sending a child off to college is a pivotal moment for parents personally and professionally.


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