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by | May 2022

Beautox Bar

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Where science and beauty mingle.

Working to restore your face’s original shape and proportions can be difficult, but the latest fads in aesthetic beauty would say otherwise. Turning back the clock, Botox and fillers have transformed the world of beauty and have provided a simple solution to regain a youthful look.

For best friends Nicole Langer and Elizabeth Peterson, aesthetic beauty is their muse. Established in 2016, Beautox Bar in Maple Grove was created to provide transparency to medspa clients. After reflecting on their own personal experiences receiving Botox injections, they found that many services were not educating clients properly about the process or the products involved with certain procedures. Combining their two backgrounds (Peterson was in business, and Langer is a former registered nurse for more 20 years), to create an environment that specializes in safe solutions for desired aesthetics. However, even though they offer the tools to achieve a specific look, they emphasize the importance of understanding the body’s need to maintain it. “Your skin is your canvas, and the first thing people see,” Langer and Peterson say. “Though Botox and filler are amazing treatments, if clients aren’t using nourishing, anti-aging skin care, they are not going to look their best.”

The Lip Flip

As a relatively new nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, the lip flip provides the look of a fuller lip. Injecting Botox into the middle of the upper lip, the procedure works to relax the muscles around the lips and “flips” the lip upward.

Typically desired for plumper lips, Langer and Peterson say it is also used to eliminate a “gummy smile.” As a quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional lip filler, they say it is important to understand the difference between the two from a time, cost and result perspective.


  • Botox is injected and fills solely the upper lip.
  • Botox helps to prevent the skin from contracting and reduces unwanted lines for a smoother appearance.
  • The treatment works to define your cupids bow and provides individuals with their desired shape.
  • It provides the appearance of fuller lips.
  • It requires a five to 10-minute-long appointment.
  • Results appear within two weeks.
  • This treatment lasts about two months.


  • Juvéderm (a dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid to improve facial aging and restoration of facial contours) is injected into the entire lip(s) and lines them to give shape. This filler works to restore the fat pads to keep the face fuller and more youthful.
  • An hour-long appointment is needed.
  • It takes up to 28 days for the treatment to settle.
  • This treatment lasts up to nine months.

Beautox Bar
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