Educated: A Memoir

by | Sep 2023

Educated: A Memoir

Educated: A Memoir is Tara Westover’s story of her pursuit of education and knowledge. Westover reminisces and takes you on a journey to her life in the mountains of Idaho and recounts her time living with survivalist parents. As the youngest of seven children, Westover discusses the events of her old life and the harmful pressures to isolate from mainstream society. These narratives caused Westover to be denied formal education and often swept abuses under the rug.

Westover explores concepts of pursuing independence and tackles the internal struggle of loyalty to ourselves versus those we love. All the while inspiring us with her journey of self-discovery; away from the influences of her former life and family. It’s a heartbreaking account of having to love her family from afar and learning to pave her own path. Westover’s story might prompt you to reflect on your own life and the complexities of difficult family relationships. But throughout this journey, this book will end on themes of self-acceptance and motivate us to persevere in the things that are the most important to us. Just as Westover’s love for education took her to adventures and more.

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