Entertaining Interior Design

by | Nov 2023

Stocked Home Bar

Photo: Chris Emeott

The invitations have been sent, and the menu is planned, so now it is time to think about your entertaining design.

First, consider seating. Do you have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably? Maybe you need to add an ottoman or extra chairs for the dining table. Be sure to include comfy throw pillows on the couch or seating areas with a festive holiday design.

Next, create a dedicated bar space for guests, so they can choose their drinks as they move throughout the kitchen and living room. Be sure to include a “kiddie cocktail” bar for the little ones.

Finally, designate an area for fun. If you have a TV room, think about adding a table for board games or make a “stage” for karaoke and charades. Overall, creating a fun and relaxed environment for your guests will make for an entertaining holiday season!

Kira Vanderlan is an award-winning interior designer and owner of Zestful Design, based in Maple Grove. Visit her website at zestfuldesign.com.


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