Favorite Perennial Picks for Gardens

by | Jul 2022

a bumblebee harvesting on a purple coneflower (echinacea) in full bloom


Perennials provide color year after year and are easily maintained once established. Each perennial offers unique features in your garden—from vibrant color to interest for wildlife, perennials are utilized by homeowners to create an attractive landscape.

The first year of any perennial’s life is key. Upon planting, amend the soil with proper nutrients and starter fertilizer to boost its growth. Ask a garden center perennial specialist for specific guidance on each plant. Water is also an important factor to help establish a healthy root system for the plant.

These three hardy plants enjoy full to part sun and are built to withstand the Minnesota climate.

The Liatris provides height through its tall shoots of flowers in purple, white or pink depending on variety. These flower heads have the unusual habit of opening from top to bottom and the blooms attract bees and butterflies.

Echinacea (the coneflower)
The coneflower blooms from early to late summer. They offer an array of different bloom colors with large seed heads surrounded by soft, long petals. These seeds are also a great food source for birds during the fall and wintertime.

Garden Phlox
Garden phlox are a great way to include masses of color for your yard. The dome-shaped flowers bloom in a variety of whites, pinks and purples. Typically providing up to two-to-three feet in height, they work as a great backdrop for shorter plants.

Christina Timm is the marketing administrator at Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery.


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