Focus on Maple Grove: Eye of the Tiger

by | Mar 2019

Green Eyed Tiger

Photo: Sarah DeRosier

Zeke offers his best camera-ready pose.

Sarah DeRosier’s cat, Zeke, was striking a familiar feline pose…resting on the couch while gazing out the window at birds. DeRosier says he loves to go outside, and, like most of us this time of year, maybe he was waiting for the weather to become a bit friendlier before heading outdoors to play. The resulting photo, Green Eyed Tiger, placed second in the Pets Category for our annual photo contest, Focus on Maple Grove.

“I had recently bought my first macro lens, and Zeke looked so content up on the couch that day, sitting in the sunshine, that I decided to see if he would sit still long enough for me to see what his fur would look like with the lens,” DeRosier says. “He was for once, semi patient with me, so I could get the shot.”

For those interested in taking pet photos, DeRosier recommends using a continuous shooting setting. “That has helped me get some nicely-timed photos,” she says.


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