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A vase of beautiful plant with long green wavy leaves growth for indoor plants, Houseplant decoration.


Utilize ferns to improve your health.

Help purify your home’s air with a wide variety of ferns that emit high contents of oxygen, creating cleaner air to breathe. Ferns also have qualities that will naturally mitigate your home’s exposure to toxins, and some studies show that ferns can even improve your sleep.

The Boston and Kimberly Queen ferns are two of the most common household ferns that are easy to care for once a watering schedule has been established.

For something a bit more exotic try:

The Maidenhair fern offers very light, delicate foliage and prefers to stay moist, requiring a bit more maintenance than other ferns and will show signs of stress very easily.

The Crispy Wave or Bird’s Nest and Curly ferns offer neon green foliage color with a solid leaf. Their care is much like the Boston fern, but like the Maidenhair fern, prefers its soil to stay moist, with more forgiveness.

The Rabbit-foot fern is also manageable in care and produces spores that are light in color and fuzzy to touch, looking much like a rabbit’s foot, hence the name.


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