Home on the Range: Make Your Oven Part of Your Kitchen Décor

by | Nov 2020

A La Cornue range oven in a stylish kitchen.

Photos: Fisher & Paykel

Why not elevate the function and beauty of a home’s kitchen with a gorgeous, décor-inspired range?

An expression of truly refined taste. Timeless style. A celebration of all that is glorious about France. Would you be surprised to know that these declarations illustrate—not bespoke fashion—but La Cornue ranges, handcrafted in Paris since 1908?

As home cooks immerse themselves in cold weather cooking and traditional holiday culinary endeavors, why not elevate the function and beauty of a home’s kitchen with a gorgeous, décor-inspired range? After all, a bespoke nod isn’t just for the dapper and chic among us—its home is on the range, too.

Photo: La Cornue

Photo: La Cornue

“Style is increasingly becoming an important consideration in kitchen design,” says Kelly Davert, general manager of Studio M Kitchen & Bath. “The current trends are favoring transitional, sleek and elegant kitchens with bold colors creating striking contrasts. So rather than hide appliances, ranges are being used to create bold design statements in the kitchen.”

Is it time to move away from monochromatic color and finish choices when it comes to major appliances? “There is more fun and flexibility than there’s ever been in appliance finishes and accents, which can boost the designer look of any kitchen,” Davert says. “I’d say choose a range and finish that is a reflection of your lifestyle. Trends do come and go. Stainless steel is a classic finish and very safe and could even be considered a neutral in the room. The accents on a range can create warmth (unlacquered brass, polished nickel and matte black) or coolness (chrome) to achieve the overall design goal but add some interest to a range if someone isn’t comfortable with a cobalt blue or turquoise range. The new matte finishes in stainless, black and white are again classic colors with a new spin on the finish that adds so much interest and beauty to a space.”

Photo: Chelsie Lopez Production

Photo: Chelsie Lopez Production

Former Maple Grove resident Toni Ghilani purchased a Bertazzoni Heritage Series 36” in an ivory avorio gloss finish for her home kitchen. “I love cooking and baking and have always dreamed of having a statement range, not only one that looked beautiful but allowed me to cook a ridiculous amount of food,” she says. The Bertazzoni’s timeless look dovetailed with the traditional—yet modern—farmhouse design she was looking for, and its oven capacity was a significant draw.

“We chose [it] to match our countertops and backsplash but also to ensure the range and shiplap hood were the focal points of the kitchen,” Ghilani says. “We added a lot of mixed metals in our kitchen design, and the range integrated a nice stainless steel frame that tied together well with our other appliances and stainless steel farmhouse sink. The avorio gloss finish is easy to clean, which is an added bonus with the amount of cooking we do.”

Photo: Fisher & Paykel

Photo: Fisher & Paykel

Appearances aside, functionality still has a prominent seat at the table, and there are some features that serious and novice cooks should consider. Davert points to Wi-Fi-enabled smart features for remote start and shut off for the range, status monitoring of oven items, steam and proofing options and dehydration features, which are available on most brands. “I would also add that having a range with versatile cooking options that include sous vide, induction and gas on the cooktop, along with a duel fuel oven, would get any cook’s heart pumping with excitement,” she says.

La Cornue isn’t the only grande dame of the kitchen. Davert recommends Bertazzoni, Dacor, Fulgor, Milano, Signature, Viking and Wolf. “Kitchen Aid has an impressive choice of colors and accents to express yourself should someone want a pop of color, a value-inspired selection and professional look,” she says.

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