How To Bring Out Your Best With Design

by | Jul 2023

Skateboard wall

Photo: Kira Vanderlan

Interior design is all about transforming spaces and creating an atmosphere of beauty, tranquility or inspiration. But what if you incorporated your best in the design? Think about what you excel at or aspects of your personality that stand out. Are you crafty or musical? Funny or artistic? Bring those amazing elements of yourself into your redesigned space.

For example, if you are a talented skateboarder, what if you hung unique skateboards in your office? For the musician, can you turn a piece of music you’ve written into custom wallpaper? If you love to sew, how about making the new throw pillows for your space? As for me, I have a silly sense of humor, so you’ll see funny coffee table books and irreverent art on the walls. Whatever your strength, share it
in a unique way through interior design.

Kira Vanderlan is an award-winning interior designer and owner of Zestful Design, based in Maple Grove. Visit her website at


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