How TruBlue Helps Tackle That To-Do List

by | Mar 2024

Tim and Jennifer Bauernfeind

Tim and Jennifer Bauernfeind. Photo: Jennifer Bauernfeind

TruBlue of Plymouth and Maple Grove takes nagging tasks off your plate.

From drywall repair and light fixture installation to spring cleanup, finding someone to tackle all the annoying little projects on a to-do list can be a headache. Jeanette Lang knows the struggle all too well.

“I had been looking for handy people for a long time to come in and do little chores,” Lang says. The Plymouth resident finally stumbled across TruBlue of Plymouth and Maple Grove, which provides handyman services, home maintenance and senior modifications to residents in both cities.

“I suppose they thought they had a lot of work when they came in, and they did,” Lang says. She had the business fix a hole and install lights in her bathroom, plus some weather stripping. “They were very precise,” she says. “Right on the mark.”

That’s music to Jennifer Bauernfeind’s ears. She and her husband, Tim, bought the franchise last August. “It was the perfect combination of our skills and gifts,” Bauernfeind says. “Tim is the handiest man I know.”

Together, they are on a mission to provide handyman services and help seniors age in place. “Our homes are generally our largest asset and if not properly maintained, can be very costly and in fact, lose value,” Bauernfeind says. “We want to be our clients’ ally in helping them maintain that value as well as the beauty, security, safety and comfort of their homes.”

“There’s so much we can do for people,” Bauernfeind says. “We care for the people and the house, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Trained technicians go over each project, provide quotes and help homeowners to come up with an action plan. “Everything is broken down,” Bauernfeind says. “It’s very transparent.”

The breadth of services runs the gamut from putting hoses away and trimming bushes to installing grab bars and replacing light switches.

“We take care of all of the things you can think of that might break in a home,” Bauernfeind says. “Doors, leaky faucets, lights, things that need to be replaced or upgraded.

“We all have lots of little projects,” Bauernfeind says. “The average home has 22.”

When it comes to helping seniors stay in their homes, TruBlue offers a free 100 touch point safety assessment, covering the inside and outside of a home. Specialists can help seniors identify modifications that can make living in their home easier, from lowering the height of a microwave to widening doorways to installing a taller toilet. “Sometimes, it’s just adjusting rods in a closet,” Bauernfeind says.

TruBlue prides itself on hiring trustworthy technicians who undergo background checks and training before they begin working with clients. “We all have to trust the people that come into our homes,” Bauernfeind says.

Beyond that, Bauernfeind says they encourage their technicians to take the time to make connections with clients. “Our guys are going to stay for that coffee,” she says.

Lang was delighted to find that she had connections through school and church with the technicians that came to work on her home. “They were very personable,” she says. Now, she’s started recommending TruBlue to her friends who have projects to tackle around their homes.

“We get a lot of, ‘Thank goodness I know who to trust now,’” Bauernfeind says. She also notes that they strive to respond quickly when contacted, with most technicians coming out to assess a project within a day or two and providing an estimate within 24 hours. And because they tackle smaller projects, clients won’t be waiting months to get stuff done. Bauernfeind says, “We want to be there right away.”

TruBlue of Plymouth and Maple Grove


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