I am Maple Grove: Mayor Mark Steffenson

by | Nov 2015

Mayor Steffenson, out for some fresh air at Town Green.

Mayor Steffenson, out for some fresh air at Town Green. Photo: Tate Carlson

Catching up with Maple Grove Mayor Mark Steffenson.

Name Mark Steffenson

Hometown Maple Grove

Occupation Mayor of Maple Grove, attorney

He cherishes his family. “When I’m not working, I love to spend time with them.”

He has a domestic touch. “At home I find myself cooking and gardening a lot.”

He has a sporty side. “Downhill skiing and golfing are two of my favorite hobbies.”

He loves his job. “The most rewarding aspect of being mayor of Maple Grove is accomplishing tasks for our community. So far we’ve built an awesome band shell, done some work on a local basketball gym and we just opened Central Park in downtown Maple Grove.”

He walks a thin line. “As the mayor, sometimes it’s really hard having to say no to people I’m close with. As a friend, I would love to automatically give them what they request, but as a professional I know that can’t always be the case.”

I am Maple Grove. “This city has a lot of great qualities, but I think my favorite aspect of Maple Grove is a combination of the people and the amazing parks and trails.”


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