Local Plant-Based Restaurant Options

by | Jul 2022

Plant based burger from 3 Squares Restaurant

3 Squares Restaurant. Photos: Chris Emeott

Local restaurants serve up plant-based burger options.

The plant-based universe has created healthier alternatives to an American classic—the hamburger. Stacked next to standard beef, Impossible and Beyond “meat” actually hold many similar characteristics.

The Beyond Meat burger is a pea and rice-based product that is 100 percent plant-based. It is also GMO-free, gluten-free and soy free. A simple quarter-pound burger packs 20 grams of protein at just 230 calories.

Its competitor, Impossible meat, is a soy-based product that also includes a genetically engineered compound that mimics meat-like qualities and characteristics. Hormone and antibiotic free, a quarter-pound Impossible burger packs 19 grams of protein—comparable to the amount of protein found in an 80/20 quarter-pound beef burger.

While both products tout health benefits (zero cholesterol and double the fiber), both claim to be better for the environment. According to the Impossible Foods website, Impossible “meat” uses 96 percent less land, 87 percent less water and generates 89 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The Beyond burger equates to using 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land and 46 percent less energy in production.,

In addition to these environmental factors, there is also the animal welfare part to all of this, which succeeds, for some, most everything. No cows are used or harmed in the production of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods burger patties.

See which Maple Grove restaurants carry these plant-based guilty pleasures.

3 Squares Restaurant
The Beyond burger is the plant-based burger of choice at 3 Squares Restaurant. “When we cook the burger at 500 degrees on a flat top it turns out nice and crispy. For me, it’s a texture thing and the Beyond burger is really close to beef,” says Brandon Cunningham, the chef at 3 Squares.

The 3 Squares Veggie Burger is topped with cheddar cheese, tomato basil mayo, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato.

The restaurant also serves a plant-based (crumbled Beyond meat) pomodoro pasta and a Beyond chicken Asian salad. “I’m a red-meat guy and I prefer the Beyond chicken nugget to a regular chicken nugget,” Cunningham says.
12690 Arbor Lakes Parkway; 763.425.3330

Malone’s Bar and Grill
Malone’s Bar and Grill decided on the Beyond burger after a taste test that featured Beyond, Impossible and beef options. “I knew what I was eating was plant-based,” says general manager Nastar Motlagh. “If I didn’t, I’m not sure I could tell the difference. Colors and textures were almost the same.”

On the menu for nearly two years, Motlagh adds that it is important to cater to vegans and gluten sensitive customers. Malone’s signature veggie burger is billed as its “Vegan Beyond Burger.” The gluten and dairy free option sandwiches a Beyond patty, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole and vegan chipotle mayo between two slices of a dairy-free ciabatta bun. “We sell a ton, even to non-vegans,” Motlagh says.
12635 Elm Creek Blvd. N.; 763.447.6500

Brick and Bourbon
Inspired by the classic California-style burgers, Brick and Bourbon’s alternative option features a baked vegan bun topped with an Impossible burger, crisp bib leaf lettuce, ripe tomato and sweet Vidalia onions. You can also add vegan cheddar.

“The burger isn’t grilled on the same grill, but it’s grilled in the same style as our other burgers,” says Ryan Bush, the manager of Brick and Bourbon. Keeping the burgers separate ensures they remain entirely plant-based, she says.

Brick and Bourbon veggie burger.

As a bonus, you can substitute an Impossible burger patty with any of Brick and Bourbon’s cast iron signature beef burgers. Ditto for a gluten-free bun.
7887 Elm Creek Blvd. N.; 763.208.9477


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