Look Cute and Comfy en Route to Your Next Destination

by | May 2023

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Are you someone who feels your traveling style can only be comfortable and not cute or cute and not comfortable? What if I tell you that you can travel and be both? You’ll be a believer once you read these four quick style tips:

Layers are a Must

When traveling, always choose layers. In airports, planes and your destination, temperatures can vary widely, so it’s important to be able to adjust at a moment’s notice. Lucky for you, layers aren’t just sensible; they are great for styling.

Matching Sets

Choose a matching set to wear over a tank top or a T-shirt. Matching sets are all the rage. What is a matching set, you ask? Think of a matching top and bottom in the same fabric and color. Since comfort is also key, consider a matching set of joggers and a zip-up hoodie. Pick a neutral colored set, so you can mix and match the top and bottoms with other items packed in your suitcase. Plus, having a head-to-toe color palette will automatically make you look stylish and put together.

Casual is Cool

Find your favorite ball cap and pair of sneakers, and style them with your matching set. If your sneakers or hat are looking a bit ratty, now is the time to invest in something new.

The Final Touches

These final steps are crucial in being both cute and comfortable at the airport. Push those sleeves up on your jacket, unzip your jacket a third of the way, so you can see your tank top or T-shirt and scrunch up those joggers just a few inches to show off your sneakers. If you get hot, tie that hoodie around your shoulders or waist, and pop on a hat if your hair is looking less than its best.

Nikki Steele is a Maple Grove resident and the owner of Nikki Steele Style. Find more online at nikkisteelestyle.com.


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