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Maple Grove Sun Light by Rod Smoliak

Photo: Rod Smoliak

Lamp post and sun oblige for winning photo.

Maple Grove Sun Light, by Rod Smoliak, received first place in the City Landmarks category in our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

This shot was taken with a Sony A7R4 camera with a 150-600mm telephoto lens, at 150mm.

“During this particular week, I was concentrating on sunrise shots due to the haze in the air made by the wildfires out west,” Smoliak says. “Each day of the week, I was trying out various locations to give a little variety to the different sunrises. Given the amount of haze, there was about 20 minutes to find and compose a shot. As I was walking around West Arbor Lake, I could see that I would be able to make the right alignment between a lamp post and the sun if I were to move off the path a little and crouch down a bit.”

Smoliak says, “Although it was possible to look directly at the sun, it was still bright. I needed to adjust a few camera settings to bring down the brightness and to darken the silhouettes.”


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