Make Entertaining Less Overwhelming with These Tips

by | May 2020

A backyard set up for entertaining.

Making a plan and considering your guests ahead of time will allow you to enjoy the party, too.

Warmer temperatures have arrived, which means planned and impromptu social gatherings are upon us. Entertaining doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Making a plan and considering your guests ahead of time will allow you to enjoy the party, too.

Consider your entryway. Do you have a space for guests to leave their coats, purses and, possibly, shoes?

Let go of the need for a perfectly tidy home. Do make sure the bathroom is clean. Have fresh hand towels available along with an extra roll of toilet paper in plain sight. Also take out the garbage before the guests arrive, leaving an empty bag to use during the party.

Ambiance matters. Will the sun set during your party? Turn on lamps around the house to avoid sitting in the dark. Creating a party playlist ensures your chosen background music will last for the duration of the event.

Guest comfort shows care. Have insect repellent on hand if you suspect that mosquitoes will be an issue. Sunscreen is another useful item to have accessible. I like to put a bottle or two of each in a bowl on the deck, so my guests can use them as needed.

Feature something unexpected. Consider placing a small vase of flowers in the bathroom, have on hand a guest’s favorite drink or snack, drop a fragrant essential oil on the cardboard tube of the toilet paper or offer coloring books and crayons or other small toys to visiting children. Small gestures make visitors feel welcome.

Don’t do it all yourself. Did someone offer to bring something to the party? Give them a grateful “yes.” Debating catering some food from the grocery store or a local restaurant? Great idea! Will serving dessert on paper plates mean less clean up? Go for it!


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