Make Your Winter Greener with the Best Indoor Plants

by | Jan 2020

The leaves of an indoor plant

Here are the top plants for indoor spaces.

The long winter season is hard to endure when there is little to no green for us to look at outside. Why not bring the green inside? Here are the top plants for indoor spaces.

ZZ plant: This easy-to-care for plant likes low to medium light and minimum watering and is a slow growing plant, perfect for a long-term area. It offers shiny, unique foliage that provides height.

Sansevieria: This popular plant is known for its tall snake-like foliage and is very tolerant. It usually grows in full sun conditions, can tolerate low to medium light and requires very little watering. It’s perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Pothos and pilodendron: This trailing plant is very forgiving. It likes to be evenly watered (If you forget to water it, it easily bounces back.) and tolerates low light.

Pepperomia and pilea: This round-leafed plant offers a variety of colors and varieties. It grows best in medium light and likes to be evenly watered.

Fern: This leafy plant does well in low light and in places with high humidity, like a bathroom.


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