Mark Your Calendars: Annual Parade Offers Sweet Memories for Attendees.

Photographing a clown greeting her daughter last summer before the Maple Grove Days parade began, Lisa Willey found it hard to resist the picture-perfect moment unfolding before her Canon 70d camera. The clown pictured is Kelly Walk, who her daughter knows through high school sports. The scene secured third place in the Activities and Events category for Maple Grove Magazine’s annual photo contest.

Attending the Maple Grove Days Parade every year, the Willey family thinks it’s a great way to spend time together as there’s a little fun for everyone in attendance.

For the parade, 89th Avenue is lined with chairs, blankets and folks of all ages as various entertainers and groups, including dance lines, marching bands, football teams and members of the Maple Grove Ambassadors program, travel from Zachary Lane to Elm Creek Boulevard.
More than 100 groups participate in the community event, and attendees lining the route are not only treated to a visual and sound celebration, sweets tossed into the crowd are a parade staple.

Don’t forget to meet some local politicians at the parade’s start!

Maple Grove Days Parade
The parade follows 89th Avenue from Zachary Lane to Elm Creek Boulevard; 6:10 p.m.; July 12; all ages; free