Meet Stuntman Mike, Our Favorite Instagram Famous Pup

by | Jul 2020

Stuntman Mike

Photos: @stuntman.mikey

If you haven’t “met” him already, Stuntman Mike (@stuntman.mikey) is the perfect pooch to follow on Instagram.

He’s got quite a following. But if you follow him, he likely won’t follow you back. When a big personality collides with interminable cuteness, you can’t blame a guy for being selective with his social media picks. With more than 6,800 followers on Instagram, this lil’ fella with a big Hollywood name proves good things come in small packages. If you haven’t “met” him already, Stuntman Mike (@stuntman.mikey) is my favorite pooch to follow through @maplegrovemagazine.

Stuntman Mike with Blanket

The 5-year-old Yorkie-Biewer Terrier mix is owned by Abby Jimenez, owner of Nadia Cakes in Maple Grove, Woodbury and Palmdale, CA. and author of The Friend Zone, in which Stuntman Mike appears. Jimenez says he also has a few cameos in another one of her titles, The Happy Ever After Playlist.

Should any of her books make it to the big (or small) screen, or some producer recognizes his “It Factor” for a biopic, Jimenez doesn’t think casting for Stuntman Mike’s role will be difficult. “Stuntman Mike would play himself in the movie,” she says. “Nobody else could pull it off.” Agreed!

Stuntman Mike an Another Dog

Regardless of his acting future, one never knows if Stuntman Mike will need to create a dating profile. I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a few personal questions.

Walks on the beach or Quiet nights at home

My own bed or My owner’s bed (“My owner’s bed IS my bed.”)

Pajamas or Au naturel

Leader of the pack or Passive pooch

Dog food (“I never eat table scraps.”) or Table scraps

Cream cheese (!) or Doggie treats

Best in Show or Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Clifford or Snoopy

What’s scarier: a trip to the vet or The Roomba? (“The Roomba doesn’t scare me.”)

What’s worse: thunder (“I hate thunder.”) or Sharing my toys?

Stuntman Mike as a Puppy


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