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by | Feb 2015

Dani Luffey, left, and her 2-1/2-year-old daughter Gabbey vist Gleason’s Gymnastics open gym along with MOMS Club friends Megan Kaharowitz and her 1-year-old son Hudson.

Dani Luffey, left, and her 2-1/2-year-old daughter Gabbey vist Gleason’s Gymnastics open gym along with MOMS Club friends Megan Kaharowitz and her 1-year-old son Hudson. Photo: Marissa Martinson

MOMS Club offers fun activities and parental support to moms with young children.

MOMS Club is a National organization with chapters around the world, including in Canada, Germany and Italy. Four of those chapters have a local vibe right here in Maple Grove: the Fish Lake, Rice Lake, Weaver Lake and Rush Creek chapters. Which chapter a mom joins or belongs to is determined by where she lives.

MOMS Club is a wonderful support group for part-time or full-time stay-at-home moms in the community, and has been around since 1983—and it’s the largest and fastest growing support group for moms with young kids.

It can be daunting, isolating and overwhelming to stay at home with young children. When I joined MOMS Club almost five years ago, when my children, Ally and Sam, were 6 and 1, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I have developed wonderful friendships with other moms in the area, and my children have made connections that will last a lifetime. I also love the flexibility to attend the activities that work for my hectic schedule and spark the kids’ interests.

One long-time member of the Fish Lake MOMS Club chapter, Stephanie Lenertz, says, “We wanted something that would give a bit more structure and purpose to our days and to fill in gaps in our other social, recreational and educational activities.” On the days Lenertz didn’t have anything planned for her son and daughter, she could find something to do in minutes by simply glancing at the MOMS Club activity calendar.

The activities are plentiful and varied. There might be field trips to places like Gale Woods Farms, the Children’s Museum or the Minnesota Zoo. Other events might be closer to home, such as playtime at a local park, a tour of the local police or fire department, or meeting for lunch at a kid-friendly restaurant. Occasionally, the group hosts a fun nighttime activity just for moms, like wine tasting or a movie night.

Moms also receive valuable support and wisdom. Dani Luffey, a Fish Lake MOMS Club member, says, “It’s great to have other moms [with whom] to discuss parenting woes and learn about new parenting tactics…as well as having an understanding that you are not alone in this new job as a mom, which didn’t come with an instruction manual.”

Not only is MOMS Club socially focused, but the club is also dedicated to participating in charitable events to give back to the community. Members of the MOMS Club and their families can be seen on cold winter days ringing the bell for the Salvation Army’s red kettles, donating their time and resources to Page for the Cure, or raising money to buy clothing, food or school supplies for those in need.

Joining MOMS Club has made a world of difference to Fish Lake MOMS Club chapter president Carla Nelson. “It’s all about spending time together and making special memories with your children,” Nelson says. “I feel that I am making the most out of my time at home by being involved in MOMS Club.”

In order to appeal to all moms, membership dues are minimal—ranging from $20 to $25 each year. Of course, being a mom to young children is priceless, and to experience it with others who are going through the same stage of life is invaluable.

For more information about a local chapter, visit Club of Maple Grove.


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