Organize Your Refrigerator with Three Easy Steps

by | Nov 2022

A young mother puts frozen raspberries into a clear food storage bag. She is in the kitchen with a concrete counter top surrounded by other fruits and vegetables that she is preparing and storing.

“Everything needs maintenance,” says Lindsey Swan, professional organizer and Maple Grove mother of four. “When you have systems in place that work well, getting them back in order is much easier and quicker and more functional.”

We asked Swan for organizational tips that can help implement good habits and make eating easy from the convenience of your own fridge.


  • Keep fresh produce near the front of the fridge, so you are more inclined to use it first. Any other ingredients or condiments not used on a day-to-day basis can be placed closer to the back on a Lazy Susan for easy access.
  • Designate a visible space for leftovers. Making these easily accessible can help reduce food waste and minimize the impact on your wallet.
  • Create a kid’s drawer at eye level filled with simple snacks, such as string cheese, clementines and yogurt.


Providing a visually pleasing, clean line aesthetic, decanting (the transfer of contents from the original packaging to another container) can also save space and make it easier to identify what ingredients you have within your fridge. However, the logistics behind it depends on the functionality of the household. For Swan, she always removes any excess cardboard or packaging to save space and make it easier for grab-and-go.

Useful agents for decanting include clear drawers for produce, glass pitchers and Stasher silicone reusable zip bags.

Only the Necessities

Often, people hesitate when it comes to dumping non-expired items in their fridge and pantries. However, Swan says to not feel bad about getting rid of anything that is not providing a regular purpose in your life. “If you’re already not using it, then you’re already wasting it,” she says. If throwing things away isn’t your jam, consider donating unopened items or offering your ingredients to friends and family—just get rid of it.

Lindsey Swan provides organizing expertise to the greater Maple Grove community. Find more about her services at


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