Organizing Your Pet’s Belongings

by | May 2024

Dog Playing with Toy on Couch

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Our furry friends bring us joy, comfort and companionship. Whether we are going on walks or cuddling on the couch, pets participate in our daily lives just like members of our family. Unlike other members of our family, we cannot rely on them to clean up after themselves, so keeping pet supplies in order and our homes clean is important.

Grooming is a necessary part of pet ownership. My general rule of thumb when organizing is to keep like with like. Keeping all pet grooming supplies in the same location is ideal. I suggest a container that can be easily cleaned and tall enough to hold shampoo containers upright. Have fun with the bin label by adding your pet’s name and words like “Salon” or “Beauty Supplies.”

Loose hair, fur balls and other pet dander that fall on floors or furniture is challenging. Keep a basket near your couch that holds throw blankets and lint rollers to run across your couch when it gets too hairy. Store microfiber dust mops or wands in multiple closets around the home to regularly clean up hard surfaces, such as floors, countertops and vents.

Toys can quickly scatter across rooms, so finding an appropriate basket is key. Bins without lids make it easy to toss the toys back in after playtime. Rotating toys is a simple way to prevent an overabundance throughout the house. Store these in an enclosed plastic bin on a higher shelf.

Keeping our four-legged friends organized is easy when we place like with like in functional containers and convenient locations. These simple tips will give you more time to play fetch or happily snuggle your fur baby.

Kira Vanderlan is the owner of Zestful Design, an award-winning home/business organizing, design and staging company based in Maple Grove and serving the entire Metro area. Find more at


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