Osseo High School Students Certify the Neighborhood

Performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for long periods of time is a good test of one’s abilities and dedication toward others. It’s also a great way to demonstrate lifesaving skills others may want to acquire. Students in the Osseo Senior High School Opportunities in Emergency Health Care Internship program held a CPR-a-thon last fall that drew others to the topic.

The students demonstrated CPR for three hours straight to raise awareness within the community. The exhibition was then followed in the fall by free CPR classes for anyone, on any night during a single week in November.

“We helped certify nearly 60 community members,” says the curriculum integration coordinator Elie Bengston. “Becoming certified is a great idea. It empowers individuals to help in an emergency.”

This is an annual event, so anyone that may have missed it the first time has additional chances to attend and
get certified.

Call 763.391.8519 to register for the next training.