Our Advisory Board Presents Their Pets!

by | Mar 2020

Eric Hagemann's petite golden, Franklin.

Meet some of our Advisory Board members’ beloved family pets!

Ghea, Arabian horse

Birgit Gruess introduces us to Ghea, a 5-year-old Arabian horse, which her family co-owns. The horse calls the Reimler Ranch in Rogers home.

Rockette Gray Cat

Rockette, 9, is owned by Natalie Conrad. “[She] is one of the friendliest cats you will meet. We consider her a cat-dog hybrid, since she loves to play fetch …”

Finley, basset hound/shih tzu mix

Finley, 4, a basset hound/shih tzu mix, “… is such a relaxed, friendly girl and will plop down on your feet if you give her a few scratches …” says Eric Hagemann.

Eric Hagemann's petite golden, Franklin.

Puppy Franklin is a petite golden, owned by Hagemann, He’s up for hitting outdoor dining spots. “He loves attention and will lick anyone who caresses his curly locks.”

Royal, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Royal, 8, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, “is a fanatic for playing fetch … loves running in the woods, chasing pheasants, retrieving ducks and sleeping on the bed,” says Heidi Nelson.

Lucky, a Yorkie and Kayla, a Chihuahua

Jennifer Zafft is the proud owner of “two pampered pooches.”  Lucky, 14, is a Yorkie, and Kayla, 8, is a Chihuahua. “They love relaxing on the couch and spending time with our family,” she says.

Chevy, English setter, sits alongside Indie, a rescue kitten

Chevy, 10, an English setter, sits alongside Indie, a 1-year-old rescue kitten, who owner Kate Becker,  adopted from the Humane Society. (We’re here for the monochromatic color story!)


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