Our Editor’s Favorite Quotes of 2018

by | Jul 2019

A variety of flowers rest on the concrete.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

For this year’s Best of Maple Grove issue, our editor selected some of her favorite quotes of the year from Maple Grove Magazine.

“Japanese food is something different—it’s meant to be an experience.”—Heather Lin, owner of Ten Sushi, May 2018

Ten Sushi

Photo: Emily J. Davis

“Vegetarian chili is the one nobody thinks about, then we thought of Jan Brady [the quintessential middle child on the sitcom The Brady Bunch]. We had a tagline on it, too: ‘It makes you yell Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!’”—Greg Miller, co-founder of Fused Craft Brewed Eats, March 2018

Fused Craft Brewed Eats

Photo: Emily J. Davis

“If you start with a good base spirit, then you will deliver a great drink every time.”—Greg Sivyer, Brick & Bourbon, June 2018

Brick & Bourbon

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

“A slice of pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.”—Joan Donatelle, Lunds & Byerlys food expert, November 2018

“You will not see perfection here. I let nature assist with some of my gardening decisions.”—Diana Straate, home gardener, February 2018

Home Garden

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

“We want to help the planet and grow plants that are helpful for bees.”—Cathy Sackett, home gardener, September 2018

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

“Home is an extension of who you are. We’re lucky to be in a place where most people can afford a place to live—and I know there are complexities with that because it’s not true for everyone in the world—but it’s also miserable here for part of the year. We’re forced to spend more time indoors, so we use colors and fun pieces to create spaces where people love to spend time.”—Heather Fox, HGTV show Stay or Sell, November 2018

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

“Google has been telling me for two years that it’s a seven minute walk to work, and I realized that it thinks I work at the community center. No matter your background or interest, there are always things to do, and you can bring your grandchildren. That’s why my phone thinks I work there.”—Shelly Nerdahl, a regular participant at the Maple Grove Community Center, June 2018

Photo: Silver Creek/Marissa Martinson

“Dementia is the single greatest healthcare expenditure in this country. We could have a direct effect on that number with early treatment of hearing loss.”—Dr. Kevin Amdahl, owner of Amdahl Hearing, January 2018

“It’s important we find a cure for this disease. The man I love is changing in front of me.”—Ardie, wife of husband with Alzheimer’s, December 2018

“Receiving a regular massage is maintenance for our bodies, similar to proper nutrition or working out. We only have one body, so it’s important to take care of it.”—Jamie Lawless, owner and therapist at Flawless Care Therapeutic Massage, May 2018

Photo: Emily J. Davis

“I think it’s one thing, perhaps that, people in Maple Grove might not realize as much is that the brand of Minnesota is extraordinarily strong throughout the nation. It’s a really cool place, and it’s somewhere that I’m really proud to be from.”—Peter Dering, Peak Design, October 2018

Photo: Peak Design

“These aren’t people pushing buttons to make tables. They are craftsmen and artists. They are perfectionists. They are the life blood of the company. It’s not just the Nevers name on the product. It’s their name, too.”—Chris Evenstad, owner and CEO of Nevers Industries, June 2018

“We never really like to be complacent. We’re always pushing the boundaries. If you’re too comfortable, you’re not growing.”—Tony Becker, co-owner of Northerly photo booths, October 2018

“To me, fashion isn’t dictated by age, it’s dictated by attitude. If you want blue, put blue in, but let’s make it look beautiful and not like My Little Pony hair.”—Daniel Link of MarcDaniel Salon, November 2018

“When I’m on stage, it feels like I’m flying. Sometimes I don’t even notice my feet touch the ground.”—Ruby Miller, Irish dancer, August 2018

“Life is beautiful and wonderful, but life can also be difficult and messy. How you handle the difficult and messy parts has a significant impact on not only your life but others, as well. It’s important to embrace all of it—the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. My mom told us during a particularly difficult time in our family that ‘sadness stretches your heart, so there is more room for you.’ There is a lot of truth in that.”—Christine Bauer, author, September 2018

“There are those choirs which will transport a person to a place of absolute beauty. That will touch the soul. And that’s our philosophy.”—Francis Stockwell, artistic director of the North Star Boys’ Choir, December 2018

Photo: Rachel Nadeau


“Children who are read to—especially by someone who loves them—will grow up loving stories and will read on their own to get them.”—Melanie Heuiser Hill, author, October 2018


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