Our Lynde Greenhouse Columnist Picks the Best Flowering Shrub

by | Jul 2019

A Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea, our columnist's pick for best flowering shrub.


Hydrangea variety is tapped as “Best.”

If you’re looking for the Best Flowering Shrub to accent your backyard this season, try the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea. True to its name, it looks just like a vanilla strawberry sundae with blooms starting out white, changing to shades of blushing pink and then deep red. Blooming from late summer well into fall, all three colors can be enjoyed in one beautiful shrub.

Maxing out at six to seven feet tall and four to five feet wide, this bountiful shrub produces flowers that are great for fresh cut or dried flower arrangements. Place in a full sun or partial shade area. It can also be grown as an ornamental tree and is great for small spaces, making this sweet, colorful hydrangea a great memorial shrub for a loved one.


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