Pinecone Crafts for Holiday Family Fun

by | Nov 2020

Close-up of child hands painting pine cones for Christmas decoration. Selective focus on hands.


Keep busy this holiday season with pinecone crafts for all ages.

Keep busy this holiday season with pinecone projects for all ages. Searching for pinecones is a great outdoor family activity.

Create wonderful bird feeders, and watch the wildlife enjoy a treat. Tie some twine to the top of your pinecone and roll the pinecone in peanut butter or apply the peanut butter with a knife. Once a good amount is applied, dip and press the cone into birdseed. Hang the pinecone from a tree branch, and watch the magic begin.

Make a colorful, decorative centerpiece. Gather various types and sizes of pinecones, and spray paint/hand paint them with fun holiday colors. Add them to a clear glass vase or low bowl, and set on a table for fun holiday décor. Tip: To make the color pop, paint your pinecone white before applying additional colors.

Design ornaments for gifting. Head to your local craft store for an assortment of ribbons. Create a long enough loop, tie a bow and hot glue the bow to the bottom of the pinecone. Hang it in a tree for decoration. Tip: Choose thinner ribbons that are easy to work with and that compare to the size of the pinecone. These also make great holiday gifts.


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