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Maple Grove Magazine January/February 2022

new year brings new opportunity. So, let me introduce myself. Marking my third year with Tiger Oak Media, I am honored to have the opportunity to represent Maple Grove as the editor of your community magazine. Starting my journey as an intern and writer, I have grown to appreciate the power of storytelling.

As one who has always tapped into the creative side of things, I take pride in the artistic form of expression. Whether its journaling, painting or busting a move in dance, I have always valued how personal interests can encourage individuals to make their dreams a reality.

After graduating with a communication and journalism degree and a minor in English from the University of St. Thomas, I packed my bags to move to Manhattan. Attending the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University, I was able to learn the ins and outs of magazine publishing. In the city that doesn’t sleep, I was provided with the perfect environment to learn, observe and grow as a content creator.

In this issue, we highlight individuals whose interests also fuel their lifestyles. Writer Madeline Kopiecki brings a bit of spice to the table with Darling’s Salts & Rubs, an online seasoning business started by Maple Grove resident Kyle Darling. Combining his love for bold flavor with his desire to craft a delicious meal, he shares how his passion project turned into a thriving business. 

Writer Staci Perry Mergenthal takes a look at how Jen Sexton Voigt opened her own American Ninja Warrior training facility right here in Maple Grove. Inspired by her two high-energy kids, Voigt wanted to provide a fun, yet effective way to stay physically active.

I take a look inside how a Maple Grove family opens their home to cats and dogs in need. Striving to provide temporary resources for the most vulnerable, their mission is to better the lives of the animals and their future owners. Learn more about Redemption Road Rescue here.

See you next month, readers!

-Ava Diaz

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