Styling Tips For Your Next Family Photo Shoot

by | Mar 2023

Family photo of a dad and his two daughters.

Family photos are a great way to preserve memories with loved ones. Being a personal stylist, I have helped many families with photos. To make sure your family photo session is a success, try some of these styling tips.

Pick a theme unique to your family. For example, you’re big sports fans and have a favorite team. Incorporate that team’s colors or jerseys into your photo. This will encapsulate your group’s unique personality.

Pick one to three colors to thread throughout your group’s clothing choices. Think of it like a plaid blanket. Not all colors have to be the same, but having a few similar shades will help your eyes move throughout the photo and provide unified style. Have people of special interest (like Grandma, for example) in the brightest color.

Try to avoid clothing logos. Name brands on shirts and jackets, for example, can be distracting and can even have reflective properties creating a glare in a photograph.

Planning a family or group photo can feel overwhelming. However, by keeping these suggestions in mind you can make the process a little easier and make a lasting impression for years to come.

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