Summer Art Camps at Maple Grove Arts Center Kick Off

by | May 2023

Rainbow Party Arts painting of an owl with butterfly wings.

Photo: Barbara Lance Alldaffer

Someone wise once said that travel broadens the mind. After traveling throughout Europe and parts of Australia, I would have to agree. The upside is that you see so many other cultures and experience many new foods and customs. The downside is that you can never get enough. Once traveled, you’ll be smitten.

Since I came to the United States back in 2001, I’ve seen that pets play a huge part in people’s lives in Maple Grove. Owning a pet is good for your health, if not your wealth, as they bring stress relief and can encourage social engagement.

At the Maple Grove Arts Center, we offer many art classes, and while I write this article, a few of the summer camps spring to mind. Several are pet-based and one takes children traveling the globe through artistic expression.

Lise Spence-Parsons, a local artist and author, is the president and treasurer of Maple Grove Arts Center. Find out more at


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