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Egg Dishes at Less Than a Dozen Maple Grove Restaurants

The hunts may be over, but the fun of eggs rages on. After the scrumptious chocolaty goodness of an Easter egg, the chicken laid sort may just be eggsactly what you need this May. Eggs pack a protein punch without the tedium of a grilled steak or the ingredient list of a turkey sandwich. In fact—one large egg weighs a minimum of 30 ounces and contains six grams of protein. Egg lovers can agree that eggs are not just breakfast fare; they are also welcome atop a hamburger, as an appetizer and in a salad.

Savory Soups to Warm the Last Winter Chill

“It’s all home cookin’ like grandma would have made.” —The Lookout Bar and Grill owner, Mike Kinnan

The end of winter is near (we hope!) but it’s never too late for good soup—especially when there are so many flavorful and inventive choices in the Maple Grove area. From the ever popular and always classic Minnesota wild rice to soups with an international heritage, these choices will warm your body and your soul. It’s almost enough to make you wish for three more months of snow. Almost.   

Galway Bay Clam Chowder 
Claddagh Irish Pub

Maple Grove's Best Unique Pizzas

Look beyond pepperoni and you will see a world full of crust topped with unusual edibles. Maple Grove has its share of interesting culinary delights which harken to that original Italian triangle we call pizza. Sometimes it’s a spectacular topping, other times it’s a crust that’s cracker thin. They’re inventive, they’re perplexing, they’re intriguing, but mostly they throw a twist into what you thought was a simple flat piece of dough. Whatever the variation, we call it yummy. Here are some great examples of pizza with a twist:

Menchie’s Opens in Maple Grove

With a mission of creating smiles, Menchie’s frozen yogurt is focused on creating a unique experience for every customer. Peter and Sophia Goldreich are carrying on this tradition and opening their first Menchie’s franchise in Maple Grove, with hopes of adding other Twin Cities locations in the future. The Elm Creek Boulevard store, which opened in December, even hands out gifts to every child that comes through the doors.

Maple Grove restaurants share their favorite football game day foods.

What’s your favorite part of football season? Maybe it’s cheering for your favorite team, or gathering with family and friends to watch the big game. But let’s be honest: For many football fans, the best part of a game-day gathering is the food. Lucky for us, Maple Grove is home to plenty of beloved spots to watch the game and grab a bite. Here are some of our favorite game day dishes from local eateries.

Maple Pepper Bacon and Tomato Flatbread

Granite City

Bite Size Eats Help Maple Grove Shoppers Keep Their Energy Up

Holiday shopping is an endurance test, so it’s important to keep your strength up. We’ve created a master plan to help you pick up those special gifts without skipping your day’s nourishment. Keep your shopping momentum rolling with our guide to quick, small bites you can savor between purchases. Whether you need to energize, take a break, enjoy a libation or satisfy a sweet tooth, we’ve found some excellent places to regroup.

Stop One: Energize!

Nancy Christman Moves to Minnesota to Open Chick-Fil-A

Last fall, Maple Grove became home to the first free-standing Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Minnesota and home to franchise operator, Nancy Christman. Christman moved from Atlanta, Georgia to break ground for the restaurant (11820 Fountains Way,) bringing new flavor and a listening ear to the community’s fast food scene. “I have been with Chick-Fil-A for thirteen years,” she says. “This will be my fourth and hopefully last restaurant.”

Review: Maple Grove's Best Wraps and Rolls

Everyone has a soft spot for foods of the wrapped, rolled or stuffed variety. Be it sushi rolls with their tender sticky rice and fresh seafood, zesty chimichangas encasing succulent chicken, or fluffy-egg omelets folded over meats and cheeses—diners love a food that’s filling and, well, has a filling. It makes for a delicious little flavor bomb, and we’re suckers for that explosive taste. With that in mind, Maple Grove Magazine decided to forgo the traditional compartmentalized dinner plate (the rigmarole of the traditional meat, ‘taters and peas arrayed willy-nilly).

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