True Happiness: Candid Shot Captures Grandpa and Grandson’s Perfect Family Moment

by | Dec 2019

A grandfather holds his grandson in this Focus on Maple Grove winning photograph.

Photo: Lisa Kirvan

A perfect family moment captures second place.

True Happiness placed second in our Focus on Maple Grove photo contest’s People and Families category. Lisa Kirvan of Maple Grove took the photo with her Nikon D3400 with a 50mm f/1.8 AF lens at a family birthday party.

“My dad was carrying my nephew [Bryce] around, and they have such a special bond,” Kirvan says. “I spontaneously grabbed my camera and snapped this photo.”

Kirvan enjoys taking photos of interactions that she observes between families, teammates, pets and more. “My favorite photos are usually when the subjects are immersed in what they are doing and are not posing for the camera.”

This month is ideal for capturing spontaneous moments with family and friends, whether you are gathered around the dining table, celebrating a holiday or enjoying a winter day outdoors. Snap. Save. And remember to submit your favorite local photos to our annual contest, which runs the month of August.


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