A Brighter Future

by | Nov 2023

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Photo: Lise Spence-Parsons

Food and giving back are two very important aspects of both our personal lives and society in general. From nurturing our bodies and fostering social bonds to carrying the essence of cultures and economies, the importance of food cannot be overstated. It’s a thread that weaves through every aspect of human existence, enriching our lives and connecting us to the intricate tapestry of our world. It is not restricted by borders, color or creed. However, it is limited by the ability to purchase, and that leads to giving back or donating skills and time.

At the heart of giving back lies empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. When individuals engage in acts of giving, they exercise empathy, bridging the gap between disparate life experiences. This shared understanding fosters a sense of unity and compassion, promoting social harmony. Whether through acts of kindness, charitable donations or volunteering efforts, the act of giving back not only benefits individuals and communities in need, it also creates a ripple effect that strengthens the very fabric of our society. Through collective efforts, we create pathways for a brighter future.

Lise Spence-Parsons, a local artist and author, is the president and treasurer of Maple Grove Arts Center. Find out more at maplegroveartscenter.org.


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